Force New Zealand works in partnership with our clients and hired tradespeople, tailoring our services to meet individual and project needs.

Our hired tradespeople are well versed in their chosen profession and come dedicated and determined to get the job done.

Force New Zealand removes the total commitment of taking on a full-time employee, providing significant benefits of opportunity and flexibility to acquire the right person, at the right time and only for the duration your project demands.

It is our professionalism, integrity and honesty that allows us to attract and retain the best trade talent. We would welcome the opportunity to share this talent with you and in turn, celebrate your success.

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Force New Zealand is driven by the belief…

“Without Labour Nothing Prospers”

Our hired labour candidates are rigorously selected to fit the Force New Zealand criteria of being highly motivated, physically able and dedicated to manual labour with a can-do, will-do attitude.

They take pride in the tasks set before them, regardless of size or duration. Our labour-hire work well within the culture of any environment and are constantly striving for excellence in such a vital role within the construction industry.

It is this mindset that sets them apart from the others.

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